AnMed Health Rehabilitation Hospital Steers Community to Driver Safety


AnMed Driving Assessment Vehicle

Dec. 5-9 is observed as Older Driver Safety Awareness Week, an awareness campaign that advocates for finding solutions to common driving issues people encounter as they age such as transferring problems when getting in and out of the vehicle, visual impairment and cognitive issues such as decrease in reaction time. At AnMed Health Rehabilitation Hospital, driving insecurities and complications may be resolved through the inpatient rehabilitation hospital’s driving skills assessment program.

“Our hospital is committed to providing services in our community like driving evaluations and mobility clinics that will help our patients maintain their independence,” said Chris Daughtry, OT, director of therapy operations at AnMed Health Rehabilitation Hospital. “It’s this commitment that differentiates us from other post-acute providers and provides a higher level of rehabilitative care.”

Participants in the program provided by AnMed Health Rehabilitation Hospital are evaluated in three phases.

  • Phase 1: Clinical phase - trained therapists assess physical function, vision and visual perception, cognition and reaction times.
  • Phase 2: Behind-the-wheel phase - based on the results of the clinical evaluation, the patient may qualify to continue with the behind the wheel phase of the program. If needed, the participant may use the hospital’s driving assessment vehicle that is modified to help those with disabilities safely return to driving using adaptive controls, ramp and swivel seat.
  • Phase 3: Results phase - After completion of the program, the participant receives a comprehensive report with the results of the evaluation. His or her results are also sent to the referring physician, as well as to any licensing authorities that are necessary.

To find out more information about the driving assessment program at AnMed Health Rehabilitation Hospital, please call 864-716-2647.

Source: HealthSouth

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